Paolo Albizzati

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Mr. Paolo Albizzati got his start in the 1960s making ties for famous brands in Milan. Supported by his wife Valeria he decided to quit in 1970 and started his own business in the basement of his own house. Through experience, hard work, and skilled hands of workers allowed the transfer to a bigger industrial space. In 1975, the Alby Factory was established. All aspects of production were done inside: cut, tip making, stitching, finishing, quality control, and shipping. Alby soon became one of the best tie manufacturers in Italy.

In the 1990s the second generation stepped in and the Paolo Albizzati line was launched. The company decided to move beyond just manufacturing for other brands, and turned Alby into a fully integrated business. The neckwear Paolo Albizzati designs is now sold in the best stores and boutiques worldwide.

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